nctoolkit.open_url(x=None, ftp_details=None, wait=None, file_stop=None)

Read netCDF data from a url as a DataSet object

  • x (str) – A string with a url. Prior to processing data will be downloaded to a temp folder.

  • ftp_details (dict) – A dictionary giving the user name and password combination for ftp downloads: {“user”:user, “password”:pass}

  • wait (int) – Time to wait, in seconds, for data to download. A minimum of 3 attempts will be made to download the data.

  • file_stop (int) – Time limit, in minutes, for individual attempts at downloading data. This is useful to get around download freezes.



Return type:



If you want to open a file available over a url do the following:

>>> import nctoolkit as nc
>>> ds = nc.open_url("htttp:://")

This will download the file as a temporary folder for use in the dataset.