Data format requirements

nctoolkit requires NetCDF data that follow the GDT, COARDS or CF Conventions. Its computational backend is CDO, which be able to carry out most operations regardless of whether it is compliant with those conventions. In general, most data producers follow CF-conventions when generating NetCDF files, however if you are unclear if you are working with compliant files you can check here.

Opening datasets

There are 3 ways to create a dataset: open_data, open_url or open_thredds.

If the data you want to analyze is available on your computer use open_data. This will accept either a path to a single file or a list of files. It will also accept wildcards.

If you want to use data that can be downloaded from a url, just use open_url. This will download the netCDF files to a temporary folder, and it can then be analyzed.

If you want to analyze data that is available from a thredds server or OPeNDAP, then use open_thredds. The file paths should end with .nc.

import nctoolkit as nc
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