nctoolkit: Fast and easy analysis of netCDF data in PythonΒΆ

nctoolkit is a comprehensive and computationally efficient Python package for analyzing and post-processing netCDF data on Linux and macOS.

Core abilities include:

  • Cropping to geographic regions

  • Interactive plotting of data

  • Subsetting to specific time periods

  • Calculating time averages

  • Calculating spatial averages

  • Calculating rolling averages

  • Calculating climatologies

  • Creating new variables using arithmetic operations

  • Calculating anomalies

  • Horizontally and vertically remapping data

  • Calculating the correlations between variables

  • Calculating vertical averages for the likes of oceanic data

  • Calculating ensemble averages

  • Calculating phenological metrics

nctoolkit is developed as open source software by the Marine Systems Modelling group at Plymouth Marine Laboratory.