DataSet.add(x=None, var=None)

add: Add to a dataset

This will add a constant, another dataset or a netCDF file to the dataset. nctoolkit will automatically determine the appropriate comparison required.

  • x (int, float, DataSet or netCDF file) – An int, float, single file dataset or netCDF file to add to the dataset. If a dataset or netCDF file is supplied, this must have only one variable, unless var is provided. The grids must be the same.

  • var (str) – A variable in the x to use for the operation


If you wanted to add 10 to all variables in a dataset, you would do the following:

>>> ds.add(10)

Or, you could use standard python addition syntax:

>>> ds + 10

To add the values in a dataset ds2 from a dataset ds1, you would do the following:

>>> ds1.add(ds2)

Or, you could use standard python addition syntax:

>>> ds1 + ds2

Grids in the datasets must match. Addition will occur in matching timesteps in ds1 and ds2. If there is only 1 timestep in ds2, then the data from that timestep will be added to the data in all ds1 time steps.

Adding the data from another netCDF file will work in the same way:

>>> ds1.add("")