nctoolkit: Fast and easy analysis of netCDF data in Python

nctoolkit is a comprehensive Python package for analyzing netCDF data on Linux and MacOS.

Core abilities include:

  • Cropping to geographic regions

  • Interactive plotting of data

  • Subsetting to specific time periods

  • Calculating time averages

  • Calculating spatial averages

  • Calculating rolling averages

  • Calculating climatologies

  • Creating new variables using arithmetic operations

  • Calculating anomalies

  • Horizontally and vertically remapping data

  • Calculating the correlations between variables

  • Calculating vertical averages for the likes of oceanic data

  • Calculating ensemble averages

  • Calculating phenological metrics

Fixing plotting problem due to xarray bug

There is currently a bug in xarray caused by the update of pandas to version 1.1. As a result some plots will fail in nctoolkit. To fix this ensure pandas version 1.0.5 is installed. Do this after installing nctoolkit. This can be done as follows:

$ conda install -c conda-forge pandas=1.0.5


$ pip install pandas==1.0.5